Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Such a follower

So while I was perusing other blogs I noticed that Losing Waist has sort of tagged anyone who follows her blog to list 10 interesting things about yourself...since I don't have a lot going on in my life I figured I'd jump on the wagon and share some things (may or may not be interesting) about me:

1. I am deathly afraid of bees. Any sort of bee (wasp, bumble, yellow jacket...you get the idea). It's a completely irrational fear since I've never been stung. If a bee comes near me (God forbid it lands on me) I run around with my arms flailing. It's quite funny. My husband couldn't stop laughing the first time he saw it happen. It's just a natural reaction too. Maybe I should just keep the bees around so that I would run. :-)

2. I have flat feet. It's a real pain the butt. I can't wear the cute little sandals because my foot hangs over. Since I've been walking so much I've got blisters where my arches should be.

3. October 2 is an interesting date for me. It was my mom's delivery due date for me in 1971. In 2003 my mother in law passed away after hitting her head on a table and never waking up. My mom had to put her dog to sleep that same day in 2003, and finally my mom died October 2, 2008.

4. I dated someone who went to jail. I was in my early 20's and we had gone out a couple of times. He ended up in jail and I went to visit a few times. Finally got a clue...I was young.

5. My husband never really proposed to me. We were driving around talking about it and we just sort of ended up at a jewelry store. It's the one thing that bugs me about our relationship. I secretly wish I had one of those romantic proposals.

6. I love to cook/bake. I'm a Food Network junkie. Every Saturday I'm watching. Probably not the best thing for a fattie. I don't make everything I see - I honestly just love to get their tips. Giada & Ellie Krieger usually make fairly healthy meals.

7. I miss California like crazy. I was born and raised in the Bay Area - we moved because we couldn't afford to buy a home there. I miss the beach/ocean. I miss the diversity. I miss the fresh fruit and produce. You just don't understand the difference in freshness. I never thought it would be such a problem. We live in Knoxville and they have no idea of what fresh produce is. I miss my family and friends. And, I miss Chipotle, Baja Fresh, and In & Out Burger....yeah I know they aren't healthy choices.

8. I'd really love to find a job in the medical field, preferably radiology or respiratory therapy. I'm too afraid to make the jump. I've been doing accounting/office work for the past 15 years and I'm so unhappy. But, I know it. It's not fulfilling.

9. I'm not afraid to die. Weird I know. After watching someone you love die - it's quite peaceful.

10. We have two English Bulldogs. Millie (named after the Millennium - she was born in 2000) and Feta (yes like the cheese - we didn't name her she was adopted). They are both going to be nine this year. They are like my kids. I don't dress them or anything, but they are quite spoiled.

Guess that's all.................


Dani said...

What an awesome list! This is such a great way to learn things about our fellow bloggers that we might not usually share! Re: #5...I met my husband online. He lived in Oregon and I was in Minnesota so we never "dated". I moved to Oregon in May 2000 and we were engaged 2 weeks later. I sometimes regret never getting the butterflies waiting for him to show up. *sigh* I'm glad you're a fellow lover o the canines! :O) They are my babies!

Dutch said...

I love your list. When I first moved from the big city of Chicago to a little suburb we were sitting on our back deck and we always seem to have tons of wasps and bees and I started running which also made my hubby laugh. I have learned to just sit still and ignore them. It is hard to do but I have learned. Have a terrific Tuesday.

Kiki said...

It's nice to have a little 'insight' into who everyone is. I'll have to put together my own list.

That's really sad about your mil. It reminds me of John Travolta's son. I don't want to fall and hit my head!

CJ said...

Great blog. Thanks for being a follower. Learned a lot about you. Hey, I live on the other end of TN, near Memphis!!

Losing Waist! said...

Wow.#5. Me too. One day there was a conversation that kind of went like this...

We are going to get married, aren't we?


Hmm... When should we do it?

I don't know. Maybe in a year or two. It is a big decision but we are already spending the rest of our lives together so there is no pressure to set a date.

Okay. I love you.

Okay. I love you too.

I am perfectly happy with my husband and our life but many years later I wonder... if I might have enjoyed something different? We didn't even do rings (until we got married).

I am so glad that you did your list!

Oh. I am have a spider thing similar to your bee thing. It is ridiculous. In fact I hate them so much that when I kill them (with my husband's shoe- not mine) I leave them smashed on the wall because I am afraid to touch it. That drives my husband crazy because he will be laying in bed and spot a tiny brown smudge in the corner of the room and realize it is the remnants of another spider assassination.

Skye's the Limit said...

I am also afraid of bees. My fear started the day I was cutting the grass. I ducked my head and pushed the lawnmower under a tree. All of a sudden I had the most God awful pain in my head. It literally brought me to my knees. A neighbor saw me fall and ran to get my mother-in-law. Apparently I had been attacked by a dozen or so bees. I ended up in the ER so they could remove the stingers and I ended up with a shot. Most painful thing I ever experienced! So, warning - don't ever push a lawnmower into a tree! :o)

So sorry to hear about October 2nd. My sister has a similar issue with Christmas Day. Five years in a row, she was in a car accident on Christmas Day and not once was she at fault! Crazy how things happen.

When you were writing about your non-proposal, I had to look twice to be sure I hadn't written it. Unfortunately, I had the same experience with this, too.

I'm also a Food Network Junkie! My favorites are Barefoot Contessa, Rachel Ray and Paula Deen! And I wonder why I have a weight issue! lol

Wow, we have a good bit in common. :o)

Mother Hubbard said...

Awesome list. I'm scared to death of bees and wasps too. I'm allergic to them. Though we have cats now my daughter and I love the little French bulldogs and as you can see on my blog page I put one on there by my cupboard. Loving animals is a good thing. Gave a blessed day and good luck in all your endevors. :)

BigBootyJudy said...

Okay, this is a late, late comment, but I'm new to blogs and I just read your interesting list. I'll have to try that on my blog, if you don't mind me stealing the idea too. I'm in California, btw, so I can totally understand how you would miss certain aspects of it. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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