Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good Week

I think I'm back on track again. I've been on my treadmill everyday (but Sunday). I walk about 2.4 miles, I also have been trying to do some LIGHT weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I've also been cooking healthier meals and eating the right portions.

All of that being said, I've done this a million times before. I'm not sure what causes me to fall off track over and over. Pretty much anything can though. I'm not working right now and that is not a good thing. I've been looking for work, but with the economy jobs just aren't out there. There is a good reason to fall off track (at least in my head it would be). Christmas is coming and I love to bake. I also love to test all of the doughs (I have to make sure they're good)...another good reason. The New Year....I could always wait to start the New Year off with a resolution to lose get the point. I wish that I lived in the present and could just be aware of all of the pitfalls, but when you've used food all of your life to hide what you're really feeling - it's hard to get out of the habit.

I should be thin - really thin. I have all of the books; Bob Green (2), Jorge Cruise, Suzanne Somers, Dr. Phil......I have all of the tapes, Leslie Sansone, Tye Bo, Pilates, The Firm.........and I have the equipment, a treadmill, bike, tae bo punching bag, steps, weights, and on and on....I'm a sucker for new exercise gadgets. I'd love to have an elliptical trainer....I see that there are a lot of people who use that rather than the treadmill....Maybe when I get a job???

I guess what I'm getting around to is that I'm not fooled by my weight loss this week. I have lost a lot more than that in previous attempts. I'm just trying to live in the present and figure out what causes me to run to chocolate (or anything) when life gets hard. Until I figure it out though, I'll take my seven pounds for this week and keep on chugging along.

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Kimberly said...

I know exactly how you feel. Food has been my safe haven in tough times for as long as I can remember. It is hard to go cold turkey and do all of what you are supposed to do - eat right and exercise. There are no magic pills, books or gurus. The only thing that will work is hard work. And really, who WANTS to do that? I guess I found what I needed by deciding I was just so sick of being fat I couldn't go one more day. So now, each day, I do what I have to do to make that day a success. Eventually that all adds up.

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